Monday, 21 February 2011

_HURTS @ Estragon

And we followed HURTS again (Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson) this time for their concert in Bologna at Estragon, 18.02.2011. For those who follows theohurts on twitter, you might know that the singer arrived the day before and had the chance to visit Bologna. The concert started an hour later than expected, the crowd became even more excited and the atmosphere just right. It was possible to see it live in streaming on ..WE LOVED IT. There's no much else to say :'D

"What a night! Grazie mille Italia! Forever an inspiration." -theohurts

"Unspoken" from album "Happiness" was the first song of the night.

"Verona" from album "Happiness". For a while Bologna was the new Verona ;)

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