Friday, 24 December 2010

_Scissor Sisters @ O2 Arena, London

Scissor Sisters in concert at O2 Arena in London!!
Latex and fun were the key words of the night!!
Obviously we could't miss ;)

Enjoy the video ^.^

_HURTS @ O2 Arena, London

Well, you know that I'm completely in love with I couldn't miss the concert on 15th December at O2 Arena in London.
Unfortunately, this video has a very bad sound and resolution: my camera was broken :'( DAMMNN!!
But I promise that they were AMAZING, in fact the day after the concert I bought tickets for the next show in London at HMV Forum ;)

This is my Christmas gift for you..enjoy the video of 'Illuminated' (one of my favorite songs <3)!!


_Merry Christmas!!

..can't wait to see what's under the Christmas tree! tonight ;)

You see, I didn't really feel christmas this year LOL until one night at 1pm I saw this Hurts live on MTV and there was my christmas tree with its lights on and I thought "now it feels like christmas, finally" aha

Merry Christmas!! :)

Thursday, 23 December 2010

_Sushi Time

@ Shibuya

From London to Reggio Emilia..the first thing that you have to do is eat sushi with your best friend <3

_Josh Beech @ Plastic

On 10.12.2010 we went at Plastic (<3) in Milan for the "London Loves" night, where rocker & model Josh Beech came to play the first gig of his european tour. His Ep "Burnt Out" is now on i tunes ;) check it out! we llloved it!!

Here you can find links to the official myspace & facebook of his project:

The band was wearing Moschino, which was sponsor of the night.

_Thirty Seconds to Mars @ Futurshow #2

"The Kill" and Jared jumped off the stage!


aand ending.. :')

Shannon again, giving autographs after the concert.

_30 Seconds to Mars @ Futurshow

On 8.12 Thirty Seconds to Mars played at Futurshow Station in Bologna. We caught Shannon around the bus, some hours before the concert. Funny faces for his fans LOL

Here, opening** and "Search and Destroy"

"This is war" & "100 Suns"

"Closer to the Edge"

Jared_acoustic part and Gagas Cover "Bad Romance"

Monday, 20 December 2010

_Placebo ..end of the year, we r getting nostalgic!

Another year's end is getting closer.. just wanted to remember one of the concert in the last two years that we appreciated the most, from one of our favourite bands, Placebo. Just that :') Enjoy the slideshow.

and here a link to the last production involving their new song Trigger Happy Hands.

TRIGGER HAPPY HANDS from Father on Vimeo.

_"La vita la meeuuurda"

Here, found another memory of our journey to Madrid. I'd say it's 18seconds of.. puuure Philosophy aha ;) That means "life is shit"

Sunday, 19 December 2010

_CheckYourSound meets Tokio Hotel

This year we 've been to many concerts and we could not miss those of one of the most famous band at the moment, Tokio Hotel.
Tokio Hotel are 4 german guys who have brought their music all over the world, even being so young.
Taking part at their concerts we were amazed by their live set and their ability to stand on stage and interact with the public.
Thousands of fans into frenzy, shouting and singing along the songs from the pop-rock albums of the German group.
It was wonderful.
The guys were really good and showed their talent. It 'so nice to discover young talented guys who know how to stay humble.
For us it was a pleasure to meet them and during our meeting we also had the opportunity to deliver some presents of Katy's collection!
Here are some photos ...

To be continued...

Saturday, 18 December 2010


Edgar is an innovative musical project.

The members of the band are:
• Andrea Ragusa: Piano, Noises.
• Marco Molteni: Guitars.
• Alessandro Denti: Guitars.
• Ida Di Vita: Violin.
• Lisa Napoleone: Cello.
• Matteo Bottazzini: Bass.
• Alessandro Rossi: Drums.

Edgar is on Facebook!!!/pages/Edgar/129610307049691

Frequenze 13.12.2010 RCS (Radio Cernusco Stereo).

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

_Lady Gaga @ Mediolanum Forum #3

More pictures from the show..

Eating Barbie's ..head!

During "Speechless" Gaga thanked fashion designer Armani for being one of the first who believed in her.

Amazing dress during "So happy I could die"

The Fame Monster! & "Paparazzi"

"Bad Romance"