Tuesday, 8 June 2010

_Brown and the Leaves @ MI AMI Festival

Brown and The Leaves_Still Awake, 6th June 2010, La Collinetta di Jack, MI AMI Festival, Milano.

Brown and the Leaves has the Autumn in their name, campaign on the cover, the fireplaces that heat in his voice.
Comes from Carnia, a place hidden among the foothills region of Friuli, and it seems that it has not done more in his life.
If it is true that with these shades of folk is always a risk of get in the usual and shore crowded,
one in which almost never fails to be characterized by originality and unique cultural roots, it is also true that Brown and the Leaves from the start seems to have found his niche in the sun where they can grow and take root to flower of delicate spring.

In the eleven compositions of "Landscapes" are misty landscapes and intimate atmosphere, waking, moments of silence, fragments: as a collection of songs made still image and light.
The arrangements cover the body of voice and guitar as they were a duvet, the cello is like a charcoal that paint irregular lines on the legs, the trumpet ruffles hair, the glockenspiel winks and so on tickles and caresses, and whispering breezes.

Well..we love them <3

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